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2024 Mortgage Training Webinars

Listed below is our 2024 mortgage training webinar calendar. Most titles are available via live, CD, and On-Demand formats, and many offer industry-specific credits. Simply click a title for more details.
Upcoming Events
Loan Processor Boot CampOnline Training
The "Loan Processor Boot Camp" is a comprehensive training program covering a variety of key mortgage processor training areas such as calculating Income, DTI, And LTV, reviewing appraisals and tax returns, and more!
Underwriter Boot CampOnline Training
By taking The Official NAMU® Underwriter Boot Camp™ you will learn everything from A to Z, and become a successful mortgage underwriter. Mortgage underwriting can be a very rewarding career, and requires the ability to effectively analyze credit worthiness, income documentation, tax returns, title, appraisal and more.
Appraisal Review WorkshopOnline Training
Our Appraisal Analysis Workshop is a session designed to teach you the details that are required in each section of the real estate appraisal.
Calculating Income, LTV, & DTI WorkshopOnline Training
Join us for an intensive study course on these basic mortgage lending formulas. In the Calculating Income, LTV, & DTI Workshop, students will learn how to apply the correct calculation to various loan scenarios.
Tax Return Analysis WorkshopOnline Training
Tax Return Analysis is designed to teach students the basics of analyzing personal tax returns. The course begins with a discussion about analyzing personal tax returns to determine a projected income.
FHA Direct Endorsement - DE UnderwritingOnline Training
Our FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriting provides the training you need to adequately understand and underwrite mortgage loans to FHA standards. Upon completion of this FHA DE Underwriting course, the student will have a complete understanding of the FHA Direct Endorsement procedure.
LAPP/SAR Underwriter TrainingOnline Training
The LAPP/SAR Training Program is intended for processors, underwriters and anyone new to the VA loan program.
Reverse Mortgage TrainingOnline Training
This Reverse Mortgage Training - "Everything from A to Z" class is an instructor-led online on-demand webinar designed to teach students everything from A to Z.
DU & LP WorkshopOnline Training
The DU & LP - "Everything from A to Z" Session is ideal for mortgage professionals looking to gain a greater understanding of the differences between the two AUS engines.
The Flood Disaster Protection Act - Understanding The BasicsWebinar
It’s imperative that there are no leaks with your institution’s Flood Disaster Protection Act compliance program. Not only are FDPA civil money penalties frequently issued, but floods do occur across the country. Join us to ensure that your institution’s policies, procedures and training are adequately protecting the institution from flooding risk.
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Benefits Of Our Mortgage Training Webinars

A webinar is an audio presentation covering a specific topic that you attend via your phone, tablet, or computer instead of having to go to a physical location with others. During the webinar, you get the training, plus can interact with the speaker, as well as listen to questions from other attendees. Each of our mortgage (and bank) training webinars typically last 60-90 minutes.

Benefits of our bank and mortgage training webinars include convenience, flexibility, access to expert advice, and no travel or special equipment.

What Do Our Mortgage Training Webinars Cover?

Below is just a sample of what our bank and mortgage compliance webinars cover:

  • Residential Lending
  • Construction Lending
  • Mortgage Origination
  • Loan Processing
  • Loan Underwriting
  • Handling Loan Apps
  • Analzing Tax Returns
  • Credit Analysis
  • Appraisal Valuations
  • Escrows
  • AML / BSA
  • Call Reports
  • Suspicious Activities Reports (SAR)
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