Mortgage Broker License Requirements

Mortgage Broker License Requirements: SAFE / NMLS Licensing Requirements

The SAFE Act of 2008 established requirements for the licensing and registration of all Mortgage Loan Originators except those individuals who work for an insured depository or its owned or controlled subsidiary.

Essentially, Loan Officers need to be licensed by the state, which means you must complete the pre-licensing education requirements, pass the state and national SAFE / NMLS exam with a score of 75% or better, then take eight hours of annual continuing education courses to continue your license.NMLS SAFE Training

For specific questions re your state, go to our Mortgage Lender Licensing Chart at the bottom of this page.

Mortgage Broker Licensing: State Requirements

To determine the mortgage broker license requirement officials for your state, simply use our mortgage broker licensing requirements matrix below.

With this mortgage broker licensing requirements matrix, you can just click on your state to be taken to the page for more information about obtaining your mortgage broker license for your particular state.

To find the right mortgage broker licensing course for you, simply select your resident state below:

Mortgage Broker Licensing Matrix
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New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
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Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota

Find SAFE / NMLS Licensing Training Courses

The Mortgage Training Center offers both online and OnDemand NMLS license training courses. Simply choose your preferred option from the recommended courses listed below to see course specifics and to enroll.
  • 20-Hour SAFE Licensing - Online Course

    This course is presented in an online, instructor-led format similar to a college-level online course where you attend the lecture at a specific date and time. The presence of an instructor/facilitator will allow you to learn from the expertise and experiences of the instructor to become more fully prepared to work within the mortgage industry.
  • 20-Hour SAFE Licensing Course - OnDemand

    The course is pre-recorded by your instructor, so you can take it from anywhere where you have an Internet connection. Simply login online at the time of your choosing to access your course materials.
  • 8-Hour SAFE License Renewal Course

    This course satisfies the 8 hours of NMLS-required continuing education in all states requiring 8 hours of instruction. The course is delivered live via the Internet, meaning you can complete it from anywhere where you have an Internet connection.
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About The National Mortgage Licensing System - NMLS

NMLS stands for National Mortgage Licensing System. The goal of the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System is to improve mortgage industry supervision, heighten communication across states, increase consistency in licensing requirements, and automate processes to the greatest degree possible.

NMLS is a secured, web-based system that will allow state licensees, companies, branches and loan originators, to apply for, amend, update, or renew licenses online. Each licensed company will have a single record in the NMLS, regardless of the number of licenses they hold or the number of states in which they operate.

About The SAFE / NMLS Licensing Exam

After students complete the minimum 20 hours of prelicensing education, they can register for the SAFE Exam. The SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Exam is divided into two sections: the national component and the state-specific component.

The national component of the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Exam consists of 125 test questions: 115 scored and 10 not scored, with a test time of 190 minutes.

Each state-specific component of the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Exam consists of 45 to 55 operational questions (scored) with an additional 10 pre-test (not scored) questions. The exact number of scored test questions for each state exam is listed in the state’s test content outline. The exam time is 90 minutes with an additional 30 minutes available for completion of an optional candidate survey and tutorial.

A new component to the SAFE Exam is the Uniform State Test (UST). This portion includes 25 questions, which brings the length of the National Test Component with Uniform State Content to 125 questions. Of these, 115 are scored, and 10 unscored. The UST replaces the state-specific test components for ONLY the states that adopt it.

Mortgage Licensing and Continuing Education Requirements:

In order to meet the pre- and post-licensing education requirements, state-licensed Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) must complete 20 hours of NMLS approved pre-licensing education and eight hours of post-licensing continuing education requirements.

Mortgage Licensing Pre-Licensing Requirements:

For your state-specific Mortgage Licensing requirements, visit the NMLS Website at

Mortgage Licensing Post-Licensing Requirements:

For your state-specific Mortgage CE requirements, visit the NMLS Website at

MLO Exceptions

While MLOs who work for an insured depository or its owned or controlled subsidiary are not required to take the education or exams, all other MLOs need to be licensed by the state, complete the education requirements, and pass the state and national SAFE / NMLS exams.

Steps To Become A Loan Officer

For information on how to become a Loan Officer, go to

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