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Compliance Checklists For Lenders

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Mortgage Loan Compliance Checklists For Residential And Commercial Lenders

Why Use A Mortgage Loan Compliance Checklist?

With all the regulations imposed to lenders under the Dodd-Frank Act, it's now more important than ever to double check your lending procedures.

Due to the implementation of Dodd Frank (and it's 300+ rules impacting banking, mortgage lending, and other financial services), Fair Lending laws such as TILA and RESPA are being more rigidly enforced by the CFPB, the Department of Justice, as well as federal and state regulatory agencies.

So what are you waiting for? Get "Best Practice" suggestions, reminders, and checklists that apply to residential or commercial loans with our mortgage compliance checklists.

Recommended Mortgage Compliance Checklists

>>> Featured Course: Compliance Checklists For Consumer Loans

Our training session about a consumer loan compliance checklist covers:
  • Truth in Lending (Right of Rescission, HOEPA, HPMLs, ARMs, early disclosures)Compliance Checklists For Lenders
  • HMDA
  • Reg B (appraisal copies, joint credit, adverse action)
  • Flood insurance
  • Appraisals and evaluations
  • FACTA credit score disclosures
  • Insurance disclosures
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>>> Featured Course: Compliance Checklist For Commercial Loans

Our training session for compliance checklists for commercial loans covers:
  • HMDA (for HMDA banks)
  • Customer identification (CIP)Compliance Checklists For Commercial Loans
  • Environmental risk analysis
  • Appraisal/evaluation rules
  • Reg B rules (adverse action, appraisal copy, joint credit)
  • Flood insurance requirements
  • Business-entity documentation
  • Underwriting documents
  • Guarantors
  • Security interests
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In addition to addressing compliance issues, these checklists also provide "best practice" suggestions and reminders (for instance, our HMDA compliance checklist) that commonly apply to commercial and consumer loans. Order yours today!

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Why It Is Important To Utilize A Mortgage Loan Compliance Checklist

With TRID, UDAAP, and other regulations, it is important that your organization's mortgage loan compliance reporting and data is done correctly and can stand up to audit scrutiny.

Our mortgage loan compliance checklists cover a variety of topics, including the mortgage application itself, credit reports, sales contracts, appraisals, HMDA and flood insurance, and more to help ensure you have "dotted your 'i's and crossed your 't's to get the loan processed correctly and have done so in compliance with applicable rules.

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