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Mortgage Underwriter Training

Become A Mortgage Underwriter

There are many steps and mortgage documents required to "close" on a loan.

Mortgage underwriting is the final step, and is the process the lender uses to access risk and ensure a borrower meets all of their requirements for a loan.

Essentiallty, the Loan Officer takes the loan application, the Loan Processor reviews and completes the loan package, then sends it to the Underwriter for final approval.

What The Mortgage Underwriter Does

The mortgage underwriters primary responsibility is to reivew the loan application and access risk.

Mortgage Underwriters do this by reviewing the applicant's W2's, tax returns, pay stubs, credit report, home appraisal, etc.

Once the borrower's income is verifies, they then look at the borrower's DebtTo-Income Ratio, credit history, and more. Specifically, they check, review, and verify:
    Mortgage Underwriting Training
  • Income
  • Credit history
  • The home appraisal
  • Title search
  • Debt-To-Income ratio
  • Make sure all the required documents are complete and accurate

Find Mortgage Underwriter Training Courses

If you are the detailed type and feel that a career as a Mortgage Underwriter would be good for you, we suggest you take some of our Mortgage Underwriter training courses.

To find Mortgage Underwriter training courses, either select one of the recommended courses or "Underwriting" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.

Recommended Training Courses:

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Mortgage Underwriting Training
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