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Underwriter Boot Camp

Online Course: ID# 1005810
Price: $995.00
About This Course:
The "Underwriter Boot Camp" covers a variety of key mortgage underwriter functions, and consists of several instructor-led online training modules and an exam at the end of the course. The program is offered through the National Association of Mortgage Underwriters (NAMU®).

The Modules

Below are the module titles and just a few of the learning items covered in each module.

Mortgage Underwriting 101
  • The 4 C's of Underwriting
  • Credit Report Review
  • Wage Earner Income Analysis and Calculation
Advanced Underwriting
  • Analysis of Personal and Business Tax Returns
  • Title Review
  • Loan Documentation
FHA/VA Underwriting
  • FHA/VA guidelines and rules
  • Required documentation
  • Underwriting/credit requirement/employment & income/assets
  • Down payment requirements/borrowers minimum required investment
Due Diligence
  • Manual income, credit, and appraisal underwriting
  • Writing up compensating factors
  • Identifying red flags
Calculating Income, DTI, And LTV Workshop
  • Salaried and hourly wage calculations
  • Overtime, bonus, commission, Social Security, pension, and other calculations
  • Rental income calculations
Appraisal Review Workshop
  • What to look for
  • How to evaluate any "Special Aspects" of the subject property
  • How to determine fraudulent information
Tax Returns Analysis Workshop
  • Income Calculation Formulas
  • Self-Employment Income Guidelines
  • Personal & Business Tax Return Forms and Schedules
Anticipated Time To Complete

This online program will take approximately 24 hours to complete. You do not have to complete this program in one sitting - there are bookmarks that allow you to stop and restart as needed.

Access Information

Upon enrollment, you will receive an email from the course provider (CampusMortgage®) with links and passwords to access your course. You will have full access to the course and it's modules for one full year.

Top FAQs

A loan underwriter assesses the risk of lending money for a home, car, or debt consolidation.
A mortgage underwriter evaluates the applicant's credit history, assets, the size of the loan, then uses this info to dertermine if the applicant can pay back the loan.
While the Mortage Loan Office must be licensed, mortgage underwriters do not need a mortgage license.
Depending on where you live, loan underwrites can expect to earn $100,000 or more.
Underwriter Boot Camp
Price: $995.00
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