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Appraisal And Tax Return Analysis Training Courses

Appraisal And Tax Return Analysis Training Courses

As learned from the 2007 real estate crash, proper valuation of both the property and the buyer's ability to pay the mortgage is key to a successful loan.

As such, included below are several Appraisal And Tax Return Analysis training courses to help you ascertain whether you are making a good loan. Simply click the applicable course title to learn more about each course.

Appraisal Training Courses

There are many new and updated real estate appraisal and evaluation rule and regulations, including revised Interagency Guidelines, new rules under Reg. Z, and additional requirements due to Dodd-Frank.

There also are restrictions against using Automated Valuation Models, Broker Price Opinions, and tax valuations.

Our Appraisal training courses go in-depth on the details of the appraisal and valuation process from both the lender's and appraiser's perspectives to provide a thorough understanding of what is required. Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • Mortgage regulations under Reg. Z
  • Regulations and Interagency Guidelines
  • The many forms of appraisals and evaluations - what can you use and when?
  • Dealing with "re-addressed" and "transferred" appraisals
  • Anti-coercion and undue influence provisions of Reg Z - what can you NOT do or say?

Tax Return Analysis Training Courses

Our Tax Return Analysis training courses provide detailed instruction on all tax return forms and schedules, the required income calculation formulas, and completion of the Fannie Mae Cash Flow Analysis Form 1084. Here is just some of what you will learn:
  • Personal & Business Tax Return Forms and Schedules
  • Income Calculation Formulas
  • The definitions of "Self-Employment"
  • Self-Employment Income Guidelines
  • Cash Flow Analysis Form 1084
  • Comparative Income Analysis Form 1088
  • P&L Statement and Balance Sheet Review
  • Self-Employment Case Study and Practice Exercises
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