Management Skills for Secretaries, Support Staff & Administrative Assistants

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The Assistant as Manager
  • Why your role is changing, and why more is expected from you: you'll learn how to incorporate personal and professional growth into your job
  • Your plan for taking more responsibility: how to devise a short- and long-term strategy with your manager, and how to make this meeting happen!
  • Assessing your readiness for added responsibility: You may surprise yourself with our illuminating self-test!
Planning and Scheduling
  • How to stay one step ahead — you'll get things done before you're asked and avoid stressful "crisis" situations
  • Planning particulars: the who, what, when, where, and how of indispensable work plans. Step by easy step, we'll show you how!
  • Identifying and clarifying your priorities: Know what to do when dozens of people and tasks demand your attention
  • Merging your priorities with your manager's: Travel on the same track, and get more done!
  • Working with suppliers and vendors: a 4-step plan that enhances your purchasing effectiveness and improves the customer-supplier relationship!
  • How to face off with people who are unwilling to compromise (and still exceed your targets!)
  • Win-win negotiating: what it really means, and how to achieve it — consistently and easily
Managing, Motivating, and Leading People
  • Leading when you're not in a position of authority: straightforward approaches that win the support and respect of key people
  • Why people want to work with leaders … and why they hate being pushed. We'll show you the critical difference!
  • What to do when your boss gives you authority but your coworkers don't accept it
  • What really motivates people? You'll be surprised at how many innovative ways you can encourage people and generate excitement
  • Fantastic feedback techniques: how to build "feedback loops" with coworkers and managers that keep you well-informed
  • Getting things done through others: how to delegate tasks and ensure they're done right
Presentation and Communication Skills: Getting Your Point Across
  • "Total communication": how to build an extensive, powerful communication "network" throughout your organization. (You'll always be "in the know!")
  • Strategies for power persuasion: how to get your point across, win support, and get people on your "bandwagon."
  • Be more than just an observer at meetings! Discover 8 specific actions that help you contribute more in meetings and get more out of them
  • Mastering the art of presentations: time-tested tools to influence and motivate groups, individuals — anyone!
Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
  • Should you "take the initiative"? When to bring a decision to your boss, and when to handle it yourself
  • A good decision now is better than a great decision later! Find out how to attack "decision fear" in yourself and others
  • Get to the bottom of any problem: a step-by-step technique to "decipher" baffling dilemmas (even complicated, long-standing problems)!
  • When you can't solve a problem alone: a 6-point procedure for successful group problem-solving
Management Skills for Secretaries, Support Staff & Administrative Assistants
Metropolitan Area:
Salt Lake City
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites - AW
5001 W. Wiley Post Way
Salt Lake City
7/28/2020 (9:00 - 4:00pm local time)
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