Big Book of Real Estate Ads: 1001 Ads That Sell

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About This Course:
The Big Book of Real Estate Ads is a comprehensive guide designed to assist real estate professionals in creating dynamic classified advertising copy.

This edition includes information and materials geared towards Internet and multi-media advertising. It also includes updated Fair Housing information, newly revised subject category listings, and a fresh, contemporary interior and exterior design.

Program Features:

  • Newly enhanced CD-ROM allows the user to customize and revise as featured in just minutes, saving agents and brokers valuable time and money
  • Comprehensive new chapter in Internet and multimedia advertising shows how copy for one classified ad can be used in a variety of media
  • Updated Ad Generator allows the user to easily modify ads in the book for specific properties with dynamic, attention-getting results
This product comes as a book and a completely customizable CD package.
Big Book of Real Estate Ads: 1001 Ads That Sell
Price: $47.19
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