How To Become A Loan Officer

How To Become A Loan Officer

In learning how to become a loan officer, it is imperative that you have confidence in yourself. The mortgage business has it's own vocabulary and a very unique information set that will require you to study hard to ingest this material.

As you begin your career, you will want to become versed in the various aspects of successful mortgage loan officers and mortgage brokers.NMLS SAFE Training

To help you get started in your career as a Loan Officer, we have outlined below the two steps necessary to get started, and the licensing and training products listed herein will help you to accomplish those goals.
  • Step 1: Loan Officer Licensing - The SAFE / NMLS Licensing Requirements

    The SAFE Act of 2008 established requirements for the licensing and registration of all Mortgage Loan Originators except those individuals who work for an insured depository or its owned or controlled subsidiary.

    Essentially, Loan Officers need to be licensed by the state, which means you must complete the education requirements, then pass the state and national SAFE / NMLS exams.NMLS SAFE Training

    For questions re your state, go to our Mortgage Lender Licensing Chart.
  • Step 2: Loan Officer - Generate Business!

    Once you have earned our license, you can work with a variety of loan specialties such as FHA, VA, Conventional, Direct Underwriting, and more. You can use the Mortgage Training Center to help you find a variety or Loan Officer training classes to help you become a successful Loan Officer in any of these specialty areas.

Find Loan Officer Licensing And Training Courses

To search for Loan Officer licensing courses, either select from the Recommended Courses below, or search for "Safe/NMLS Licensing" from the "Licensing" section of the search box below.

To find for Loan Officer training courses, either select from the Recommended Courses below, or search for "Loan Officer" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.

Recommended Training Courses:

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