Basic Accounting Skills for the Business Professional Agenda

Seminar: ID# 1003643


The Accountant's Tool Box: Basic Accounting Principles And Terminology
  • What accounting is, and how it affects your job and your responsibilities
  • 3 key accounting terms that form the financial "cornerstone" — brief, easy-to-understand explanations
  • When expense and revenue activities are reflected "on the books," and how to anticipate your organization's current and future financial status
Making Sense of the Numbers: Special Financial Conventions and Practices
  • The differences between direct and indirect expenses, and who is responsible for each
  • Why costs beyond your control can directly affect your own financial performance
  • How you can increase profitability in your department or organization with a better understanding of the break-even point
  • A simple break-even chart that puts the numbers in an easy-to-understand visual form
  • Purchase or lease? The benefits and drawbacks of both options
  • The 2 basic methods of depreciation and how they affect financial results
The Financial Road Map: How to Use Financial Statements and Reports
  • The 8 objectives for financial reporting, and how financial reports can work for you
  • How everyday business transactions are translated into balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements
  • How to analyze financial reports for profitability, activity, liquidity, and debt coverage
  • 4 professional methods to measure bottom-line profitability
Achieving On-Target, Profitable Results: Budgeting Basics
  • How sound budgeting leads to better, more effective management
  • An easy 7-point budgeting outline to prepare a new budget or assess your current one
  • How to use budgets to measure the performance of your department, your organization — even yourself!
  • 8 expert techniques that help you prepare and monitor your budgets more accurately and efficiently
Basic Accounting Skills for the Business Professional
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