The Official NAMP® Processor Boot Camp™

Online Course: ID# 1005811
About This Course:
Mortgage processing can be a very rewarding career, and requires the ability to properly stack a file for the underwriter as well as effectively analyze credit, title and appraisal.

NAMP® offers a comprehensive "professional development" training/certification program entitled: The Official NAMP® Processor Boot Camp™, which combines 24 hours of online mortgage processor training through NAMP®'s loan processing training division, CampusMortgage®, with the Certified Master Loan Processor (NAMP®-CMLP) certification program. Let us help you gain the mortgage processing skills you need to land the interviews and secure that perfect mortgage processor job.

Get All (4) Classes Below.... That's 24 Hours of Training!

- Loan Processor 101 - "The Basics"
- Advanced Processing - "Real World Lessons"
- FHA/VA Processing - "For Processors"
- Underwriter 101 - "The Essentials"

Also Includes: Certified Master Loan Processor (NAMP®-CMLP)

About The Course:

- Instructor-Led Online Webinars
- Duration: 24/7 Access for 1-Year
- Each Class is 6 Hours Long (24 Hours Total)
- All Course Materials Included
- Certificate of Completion Provided for Each Class

Exam Format:

The exam is a timed 1-hour open-book online "proctored" (via WebCam) 30-question exam (multiple choice/true & false). You must get 80% or higher to pass exam. NOTE: You may also re-take the exam up to 3 times with a 2-week "cooling off" period in between each failed exam. If you fail the NAMU®-CMLP exam three times, you must wait 1 year before you can re-register for the NAMU®-CMLP certification - the 1-year waiting period will start from the date of the third failed exam.

Optional - Yearly Re-Certification:
You’ll have the option each year to get re-certified. If you choose to do so, a $299 re-certification charge will apply; at which time, we will provide you with an additional 1 year of access to the training classes & updated course materials. You’ll also have an additional year to ask questions directly to the instructors. From here, you’ll take a new exam and pass a new criminal/sex offender background check via a third-party provider.
The Official NAMP® Processor Boot Camp™
Price: $995.00
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