The Official NAMP® Contract Processor Boot Camp™

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About This Course:
Contract processing can be a very rewarding work-at-home career, and requires the ability to effectively analyze loan applications/creditworthiness, read appraisal, title, calculate income, DTI, LTV, mortgage underwriting fundamentals and more. Let us help you gain the skills needed to jumpstart your contract processing business today.

NAMP® offers a comprehensive "professional development" training/certification program entitled: The Official NAMP® Contract Processor Boot Camp™, which combines 45 hours of online contract processor training through NAMP®'s loan processing training division, CampusMortgage®, with the Certified Contract Loan Processor (NAMP®-CCLP) certification program. Let us help you gain the skills needed to jumpstart your contract processing business today.

Get All (8) Classes Below.... That's 45 Hours of Training!

- Contract Processing Launchpad - "Everything from A to Z" (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
- Loan Processing 101 - "The Basics" (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
- Advanced Processing - "Real World Lessons" (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
- FHA/VA Processing - "For Processors" (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
- Underwriter 101 - "The Essentials" (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
- Tax Returns Analysis Workshop - "For Self-Employed Borrowers" (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
- Appraisal Review Workshop - "Intensive Study (6-HOUR WEBINAR)
- Calculating Income, DTI & LTV Workshop (3-HOUR WEBINAR)

Also Includes: Certified Contract Loan Processor (NAMP®-CCLP)

About The Course

- Instructor-Led Online Webinars
- Duration: 24/7 Access for 1-Year
- a Total of 45 Hours of Education
- All Course Materials Included
- Certificate of Completion Provided for Each Class

Exam Format

The exam is a timed 1-hour open-book online "proctored" (via WebCam) 30-question exam (multiple choice/true & false). You must get 80% or higher to pass exam. NOTE: You may also re-take the exam up to 3 times with a 2-week "cooling off" period in between each failed exam. If you fail the NAMP®-CCLP exam three times, you must wait 1 year before you can re-register for the NAMP®-CCLP certification - the 1-year waiting period will start from the date of the third failed exam.

Optional - Yearly Re-Certification

You’ll have the option each year to get re-certified. If you choose to do so, a $299 re-certification charge will apply; at which time, we will provide you with an additional 1 year of access to the training classes & updated course materials. You’ll also have an additional year to ask questions directly to the instructors. From here, you’ll take a new exam and pass a new criminal/sex offender background check via a third-party provider.
The Official NAMP® Contract Processor Boot Camp™
Price: $1,395.00
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