Principles of Home Inspection: Hot Water Boilers

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About This Course:
This comprehensive text is designed for beginners who need an in-depth introduction to hot water boiler inspection and more advanced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding. In addition to boiler components, it covers efficiency, sequence of operation and life expectancy.

This well-illustrated text provides a consistent and clear approach to boiler inspections, including typical problems, their causes and implications, inspection strategies for finding them, and improvement recommendations.

Included Learning Tools

  • Dozens of detailed illustrations parallel the textual discussion
  • Learning Objectives, Key Words and margin notes highlight key topics
  • Quick Quizzes help readers test their understanding
  • Inspection Checklists summarize the components and problems covered and provide a set of inspection field notes
  • Inspection Procedures and Standards of Practice help readers develop a consistent inspection methodology to complement their technical knowledge
  • Field Exercises give readers an opportunity to turn text study into real world experience


  • Overview of Hot Water Boilers and Heat Exchangers
  • Controls
  • Distribution Systems
  • Radiators, Convectors and Baseboards
  • Radiant Heating and Tankless Coils
  • Mid- and High-Efficiency Boilers and Combination Systems
  • Life Expectancy, Capacity and Sequence of Operations
  • Inspection Tools
  • Inspection Checklists • Inspection Procedure
  • Answers to Review Questions

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Principles of Home Inspection: Hot Water Boilers
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