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About This Course:
HR departments bear responsibility for many aspects of regulatory compliance, and this includes meeting state and federal laws governing health insurance benefits.

If your organization offers health insurance to employees, you need to understand the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Compliance with this law is essential, but you also need to reduce your organization's liability. COBRA training can help you comprehend this complex regulation and balance your employees' needs with your company's interests.

Why Enroll in a COBRA Certification Program?

HR departments are typically responsible for compliance with COBRA. Understanding your organization's COBRA requirements can be challenging even for the most experienced professionals, especially because the Act comes with certain exceptions. Failing to comply with COBRA proves costly, so you need to follow the law exactly. Enrolling in a COBRA training program allows you to take control of your company's compliance. Becoming a Certified COBRA Administrator can also help you:
  • Reduce liability at your company
  • Feel more confident in your job duties
  • Expand your employment opportunities
  • Increase your likelihood of receiving a pay raise
Learn COBRA Requirements For Employers, Plus Get COBRA Certified!

With changing rules, regulations, and court cases, being COBRA compliant is extremely complex. Employers that fail to understand their COBRA requirements and use proper procedures and design options can create financial and legal risks. This means companies rely on their HR professionals to understand COBRA and administer it properly.

Our COBRA Training &Certification Program - a recipient of the "ASTD Excellence In Design" award - covers everything from the basics to advanced concepts, and will provide the answers to your questions regarding COBRA administration and COBRA compliance.What You'll Learn:Our COBRA online certification training course will help you to better understand your COBRA compliance requirements. Below are just some of the things you will learn by taking this course:

  • Which employers are subject to COBRA
  • What type of benefit plans are - and are not - subject to COBRAcertified cobra administrator
  • How an individual qualifies for COBRA
  • What employers are required to notify employees and family members of
  • The COBRA timelines for notification requirements
  • The requirements for notifying employees and family members
  • How to calculate and bill for COBRA premiums
  • How - and when - to terminate COBRA Coverage
  • How to properly offer and handle COBRA with Medicare and other coverage
  • Facts for determining Cessation Of Dependency Status
  • How to use Affirmative Rejection and Alternative Coverage design options to reduce health care and claims costs
In addition to covering COBRA administration at a deep level, this course also allows you to test to earn a COBRA certification! Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive your certification and eight hours of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) recertification credits.

Program Excerpt #1: Lesson Goals - The COBRA Timeline
(This excerpt shows a 'Lesson Goals' page that highlights the key points of that Lesson)

Upon completion of this Lesson, you should:
  • Understand the various time periods and guidelines for each of the components of the COBRA Timeline
  • Know how to design and administer the COBRA Timeline to the Plan's advantage
  • Recognize how QBs can use the COBRA Timeline to their advantage
  • Know which events require the Employer to notify the Plan Administrator and which require the QB to notify the Plan Administrator
Program Excerpt #2: Defining The COBRA Timeline
(This excerpt shows a training page that includes a 'Suggested Procedure'. Other pages also include 'Examples' and 'Administrative Tips')

The COBRA Timeline generally refers to the specific time and performance requirements necessary to notify, elect, pay, and manage the ongoing processes of COBRA administration.

Believe it or not, absent aggressive efforts by the employer, by using the COBRA Timeline to their advantage, QBs can receive up to six months of potential COBRA coverage before paying any COBRA premiums.

Detailed knowledge of the COBRA Timeline will help ensure compliance with COBRA requirements - and allow plans to design their COBRA administrative system to maximize productivity and reduce liability.
Suggested Procedure For Handling Coverage During The Election & Payment Period:

To reduce COBRA timelines and protect against incurring costs for QBs who do not ultimately elect and pay for coverage, employers should:
  • Pend a QB's coverage as of the loss of coverage date
  • During the election and payment period, inform benefit providers who make inquiries that the QB is in a COBRA election and payment period and that coverage will be provided only if and when a proper election is made and payment received
  • If a QB does not elect and pay for COBRA on a timely basis, all pended claims should be denied
  • If a COBRA election is made and payment received, coverage should be retroactively reactivated for the period for which payment is timely received. Claims for this period then should be paid
  • Review and coordinate these procedures with any insurer or stop loss carrier and all in house or third party administrative personnel
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Program Benefits:

This course is sold as an annual subscription with four components: the training course itself; access to all training materials as a resource for one full year; free updates whenever the law changes, and; a Certified Administrator designation. Access to resource materials, free updates, and a new Certificate are available for subsequent years for a low renewal fee of $99 per year.

Besides the great training, here are some of the additional benefits:
  • Award-winning, easy-to-use interface that includes numerous "Administrative Tips" and examples that highlight key learning areas
  • Interactive Q&A with answer rationale provided to help ensure learning and check your progress along the way
  • Procedural recommendations that provide key processes and procedures
  • Access via the Internet allows you to study at your pace and access materials anytime, anywhere
  • Special "Bookmark" feature that allows you to learn at your own pace and quickly return to training if you are interrupted
  • FREE updates when the law changes
  • Optional test to become a "Certified COBRA Administrator"
  • Eight hours of HRCI PHR and SPHR re-certification credits
  • Eight hours of SHRM PDC re-certification credits
  • Organizations enrolling three or more individuals also receive our Management Interface at no cost, allowing managers to view employee progress, test scores, and incorrectly answered test questions.
FYI: Organizations with 100 or more employees requiring FMLA training can customize this course. Please call us at 770-410-1219 for details.
COBRA Training & Certification Program
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