Reg. Z Status Check: Recent Changes, Plus Coming Dodd-Frank Changes

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About This Course:
Perhaps no regulation is as difficult to comply with overall as Reg. Z, and now it's under the control of the CFPB. We've never seen so much activity around changes in Reg. Z as we've seen the past few years, from MDIA, the Credit CARD Act, and many changes made to TILA by Dodd-Frank., The Bureau is already working on their single integrated Early TIL-GFE.

Do you know what's coming? The changes will have a major impact on the disclosures you provide for many types of loans, as well as how you manage existing accounts. We'll get you ready. This session is an in-depth discussion of Regulation Z, where we will examine the details, including a focus on often-violated parts of the rule.

Covered Topics:

  • A step-by-step guide to coverage to use in training, including new coverage thresholds
  • How to tell the difference between business and consumer purpose, including tricky rental property rules
  • Finance charge, prepaids, amount financed, to the APR - how to get it right
  • Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) - special rules, including changes to be aware of
  • Timing of disclosures, including rules requiring early disclosures on mortgage loans
  • Changing the deal: refinancing vs. modification
  • Advertising rules - you think marketing is a challenge? How are new requirements sitting with your marketing department?
  • Right of rescission - who gets it and what it means
  • "Higher-priced mortgage loans" - strict underwriting standards and many restrictions
  • Section 32 loans - what they are and what to do if you have them
  • Credit card rules and UDAP standards - a new age of consumer rights
  • Mandated changes from the Dodd-Frank Act and the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, including disclosures, appraisal rules, ability-to-repay, and more

Plus frequent question and answer sessions throughout this presentation.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is appropriate for all involved in consumer lending (whether or not real estate is involved). Compliance officers, auditors, underwriting personnel, CSRs with documentation duties, and bank attorneys are just some of the personnel with a vested stake in Reg. Z compliance.

The Presenter

Carl Pry is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) and Certified Risk Professional (CRP) who is a Senior Vice President and Compliance Manager for a large financial institution in Ohio. Through his working career, as well as through his experience as a banking attorney and officer, he has provided a variety of regulatory compliance and financial performance services to financial institutions and other clients throughout the country.

He has written extensively regarding consumer and commercial compliance, tax, audit, and financial institution legal issues, and is a frequent contributor to and currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the ABA Bank Compliance magazine. He has spoken at dozens of banking, compliance, and state bar associations, and has conducted training sessions for financial institutions across the country.

Continuing Education Credits:

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