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Problem Loan Identification

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About This Course:
This course is designed to sharpen the ability of participants to recognize potential problem loans early and identify appropriate solutions once they surface.What You'll Learn:Covered Topics:
  • Identify early warning signs of problem loans in the following areas:

    • Business and Operational

    • Accounting

    • Working capital

    • Financial statements

    • The back office

    • Relationship issues

  • Develop a concrete set of procedures once a problem loan has been identified.

  • Explore options for resolving problem loans including workout, outplacement and liquidation.

  • Explain guarantor risks and guarantor contingencies to ensure the loan is properly underwritten.

  • Discuss who is responsible for sounding the alarm and developing an action plan.
Who Should Attend:

Commercial lenders, credit analysts and small business lenders, consumer lenders, mortgage bankers and private bankers; loan review specialists, special assets officers, lending managers and credit officers.
Problem Loan Identification
or via CD or On-Demand
Course Details
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