Lender Mortgage Quality Control Plan

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Price: $445.00
About This Course:
FHA loans are tedious to keep up with from a paperwork perspective. Do you manage the paperwork yourself internally, or outsource it to another firm to manage for you?

With this course, you will receive a step-by-step quality control audit process that is easy to follow. The business owner can decide on a month to month basis whether to maintain the function internally, or outsource it to a 3rd party provider. All forms are provided with further optional customization specific to your company.

Modules Included:

  • FHA Quality Control Plan
  • Random/Audit Selection Process
  • Detailed Audit Procedures
  • Policy for Discovery
  • Training Resources
  • VA Quality Control Plan
  • Customized to FNMA/FHLMC/Private Investor
  • Warehouse Bank
  • Review Forms and Checklists, Review Letters, Reports and Requests
  • State Compliance Audit Preparation Process

  • Delivered in Word, Excel and PowerPoint Format
  • Constantly Updated
  • Protect your company from expensive litigation, limit Fraud Liability, works with E&O Insurance/Fidelity Bond
  • Adhere to Mortgage Policies and Procedures and Best Practices
Lender Mortgage Quality Control Plan
Price: $445.00
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