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Commercial Mortgage Training Program

Format: Self-Study Course

Commercial Mortgage Training Program

Are you an experienced professional in the mortgage business who has yet to maximize your earning potential? Ask yourself...

  • Do I know how to really make money in the commercial mortgage market?
  • Do I know how to talk to my borrowers in the language of commercial loans?
  • Do I know how to take a quick look at a deal, run simple numbers and have an idea if it is really a deal or a waste of my time and my borrower's time?
  • Do I know the important questions to ask them and some of the information I will need from them?
  • Do I have an idea of the correct type of lender to approach with this deal?
If you answered "Not Really", then read on...

The Commercial Mortgage Training Program will provide you with the framework and foundation to prospect for commercial mortgage clients, speak to them knowledgeably about their needs for their loan scenario, and know how to go about finding the suitable funding sources!

This DVD package will cover:
  • Introduction to the Commercial Mortgage Market
  • Commercial Mortgage Finance
  • The Commercial Mortgage Capital Markets
  • Analysis of Collateral, Net Operating Income, Capitalization Rates and Debt Service Coverage
  • Deal Preparation and Legwork Involved
  • Letters of Interest, Personal Financial Statement Analysis, Reading Commercial Leases and Tax Returns, Third Party Reports and the Commercial Mortgage Matrix
  • The Underwriting Process
  • Commercial Mortgage Selling Techniques
  • Commercial Loan Scenario Analysis
Taught by nationally recognized commercial mortgage closer and trainer Charles Wallshein Esq., the Commercial Mortgage Training Program will enable you to take your income to the next level!

Learning Objectives:

The Commercial Mortgage Training Program will teach you everything that you need to know to get a viable commercial mortgage loan funded; such as how to:

  • Analyze collateral using net operating income, capitalization rates and the debt service coverage ratio
  • Choose the correct lender for a given borrower and property type
  • Prepare the loan package right the FIRST time
  • Understand letters of interest, personal financial statements, commercial leases, tax returns, third party reports, exceptions, and the deal pricing process
  • The underwriting process and how to maneuver through it
  • Commercial mortgage selling techniques
  • ...and much, much more!
Upon ordering this program, you will receive:
  • Complete 3-DVD Set
  • Full 109-page Course Manual
  • Deal Analysis spreadsheet
  • Access to the professionals at Commercial Capital Alliance for questions

If you want to get involved in the commercial mortgage market as a mortgage broker so that you can maximize your earnings potential, this 3-DVD training program is sure to advance your career - and income!

By applying what you have heard from Charles or read in our Course Manual, and utilizing our Deal Analysis Spreadsheet, you will be ready to go after commercial mortgage funding as a participant, instead of just being taken along on the ride.

About The Author:
Charles Wallshein, Esq. founded Commercial Capital Alliance, a commercial mortgage lender and broker in business since 1990. During this time, Charles has seen, worked on and closed virtually every conceivable type of commercial mortgage loan that is viable.

He is also a real estate attorney and an approved and practicing CE instructor. As a lender and broker, there is no commercial mortgage scenario that he hasn't seen, structured or gotten funded. He will lead you through the process painlessly with the use of real life stories, examples and personal experience.

About The Provider: Founded by Charles Wallshein Esq., a nationally recognized closer and trainer, Commercial Capital Alliance has been involved in the market as a commercial mortgage lender/broker, CE provider and commercial mortgage market trainer for over 16 years.

The firm's motto "We do the impossible", refers to the fact that many of our clients approach us - either with personal financial issues or with issues regarding the building - that need to be addressed, requiring the need for outside-the-box-thinking.

Our seminar and DVD programs, led by Charles Wallshein, provide you with all of the knowledge to:
  • prospect for commercial mortgage clients
  • be able to speak to them knowledgeably about their needs
  • analyze their loan scenarios
  • find the correct funding sources
  • prepare the loan package right the FIRST time
  • sell the LOI
  • and most importantly - lead the loan to closing!
The presentations are both informative and engaging, as Charlie supports his teachings with real life examples that he shares with his students.
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Commercial Mortgage Training Program
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